Are Spooky Things Haunting Your Heating System?

Six Creepy Sounds That Signal Furnace Toil and Trouble

Clink! Clang! Bang! Boom! Uh-oh! Was that a ghost in the basement or just your furnace trying to give you a scare? Do you jump out of your skin when your furnace starts screeching with odd, unsettling sounds? You are not alone. Most homeowners do. When strange sounds from your heating system start to give you a fright, it’s time to uncover the ghosts beneath.

When your furnace starts to rumble, rattle or even emit odd smells, it is never a good sign. Over the years, DS Heating and Air has seen (and heard) it all when it comes to creepy things invading your heating system. Here is our checklist of six spooky sounds and what they could mean to your furnace:

1. Rattling
Have you been hearing some rattling going on outside your home? Your first step is to check your outdoor unit to be sure no debris has gotten stuck. If it has, turn the system off, cut the power and remove the debris. If the sound persists, it’s time to call DS for professional service.

2. Metal scraping
Nope. Those probably aren’t Freddy Krueger’s nails scratching at your wall, although it probably sounds like that! In our experience, a scraping sound typically means something is off with your blower wheel. As soon as you hear this type of noise, turn your system off and call the techs at DS Heating and Air to address the situation.

3. Clanking
Unless Jacob Marley’s ghostly chains have been haunting your dreams, a clanking usually signifies loose parts, such as the blower motor fan, loose blades or loose pipes rubbing together. If you can tighten these parts yourself—great. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call our experts.

4. Squealing and grinding
If you’ve ruled out mice as the culprit behind a squealing sound, then it’s most likely a blower issue. Perhaps your blower belt has slipped off track and caused a grinding or squealing sound. It could be something as simple as needing a replacement or more oil.

5. Clicking
Does your furnace click when you first turn it on? It should. A clicking sound is normal. However, if it clicks on, then off and then back on again, you could be experiencing an issue with your flame sensor. Don’t mess around with this problem. Call us for professional repair.

6. Whistling
Whistling is fairly common for furnaces. As the seasons change, so should your filters. A dirty filter can sometimes create a whistling sound in your system. Change the filter and see if the sound disappears. Make sure your filter is the correct size and fitted properly. An improperly sized or loose fitting filter can cause whistling, as can a leak within the system itself.

We Will Scare Away Those Heating Demons

If your heating system sounds creepy, call us now for a furnace repair or fall tune-up. Our technicians are always dressed in their best DS Heating and Air “costumes” and ready to help! Call us today at 661.231.8118.