Balancing Your Home’s Humidity

…Is Easy With These Tips From Our Experts!

August is a popular time of the year for family vacations. As summer winds down, parents try their best to fit in some last-minute quality time before the kids head back to school. For many residents in the Lancaster, CA, area, this means visiting one of the many camping grounds around the Antelope Valley. From state parks to RV resorts, there is a campground for everyone searching to roast that perfect marshmallow.

Much like that never-ending quest for the perfectly toasted marshmallow, homeowners often find themselves in pursuit of the perfect indoor temperature. This is especially true when it comes to balancing the humidity within their homes. Sadly, indoor humidity doesn’t discriminate by season either. Many homeowners in the Lancaster, CA, area, suffer from dry indoor air during the summer and winter months. And an imbalance of humidity in your house is not something you want to endure since it often affects your health and comfort levels. So, what’s a homeowner to do? At DS Heating & Air, we recommend whole-house humidifiers.

What Is a Whole-House Humidifier?

A whole-house humidifier installs directly into your cooling and heating system. Just like your temperature, your home’s humidity level is controlled by your thermostat. When you add a humidifier, an even amount of moisture is distributed throughout every room of your house. Whole-house humidifier installation in Lancaster, CA, can reward your home in many ways because a humidifier provides:

  • True comfort. The perfect indoor humidity level can eliminate dry, itchy skin, improve allergy and sinus issues and even cut back on those annoying static electricity shocks you sometimes experience.
  • Energy efficiency. With a typical HVAC system, your indoor humidity level will remain somewhere between 35 and 50 percent. If your unit struggles to balance the humidity at this level, it could experience more breakdowns (and more repair bills). A whole-house humidifier from DS Heating & Air can help extend the life of your unit because it works in tandem with your heating and cooling system to distribute the perfect humidity level.
  • Home protection. Dry air can have an affect on many things inside your house, including wood, paint, furniture, electronics, plaster and more. A whole-house humidifier counteracts the effects of dry air over time, leaving your furniture and wood floors perfectly intact.
  • Better health. When you restore the perfect amount of humidity in your home, you can say goodbye to those nasty viruses and cold triggers that like to thrive in low humidity environments. Too much dry air can make children and the elderly more susceptible to infections and respiratory ailments. A proper humidity balance will ease all of these woes.

Home Humidity Remedies You Can Do Yourself

While you’re contemplating adding a new whole-house humidifier to your HVAC system (don’t forget to call us when you do), here are some everyday tips to help keep your humidity levels in check:

  • Set fans to automatic
  • Purchase a unit with a variable speed air handler
  • Install vent fans in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Seal air and duct leaks
  • Buy houseplants that absorb moisture from air (such as Boston ferns)
  • Replace filters
  • Take fewer hot showers
  • Crack open a window

For over 18 years, DS Heating & Air has served loyal customers in the Antelope Valley, CA, area. When you need cooling repair in Lancaster, CA, or whole-house humidifier installation in Mojave, CA, and the surrounding areas, just give us a call at 661.231.8118.