Cooling Concerns: Signs Your AC Needs Repair Work

When It’s Time to Call the Professionals

Summer rainstorms have a way of sneaking up on you. One moment you’re soaking in the sunshine and the next you’re running for cover!

You might have a similar problem with your air conditioner. Out of nowhere, your system has turned its back on you and left you hot and bothered.

But does the problem warrant professional attention? How do you know if it’s a real problem or just a glitch that will be gone by tomorrow?

We’re going to share with you some telltale signs that your system needs professional repair work. And if the problem can’t be fixed, DS Heating & Air provides air conditioner installations in Palmdale, CA, and throughout our service area.

Red Flags to Look For

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Your energy bills have changed drastically…but your usage hasn’t. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t look the other way. After all, why should you pay for cool air you’re not even enjoying? Contact DS Heating & Air if your bills have skyrocketed and you don’t know why. Our trained technicians will examine your system to identify the problem.

Warm Air

Your AC should always deliver cool air. If the air is warm, then there’s something wrong with your system. The experts at DS can easily diagnose your system and get the air nice and cool just as it should be.

Uncomfortable/Inconsistent Temperature

Stuck with a system that’s constantly turning on and off? Today’s air conditioners are built to provide slow but steady cooling comfort. If your home is constantly fluctuating between hot and cold, there’s a good chance that something’s wrong.

Poor Airflow

Air conditioners work hard to cool homes and businesses. But if you’re not enjoying the cool air, then your system is exerting all that energy for nothing! If you notice a decrease in airflow, check to make sure your air filter doesn’t need to be cleaned or replaced. If the air filter is fine and the problem persists, there might be a blockage in your ductwork. Call our technicians to resolve the issue and improve your system’s airflow. 

Faulty Thermostat

Does your thermostat run on batteries? Many homeowners don’t know that their thermostats are battery-operated and will call for help immediately. If your thermostat isn’t battery-operated and something is still wrong with it, we’ll repair it for you. 

Unusual Noises

Have the usual sounds of your system been replaced with loud rattling noises? Never take an unusual sound lightly or assume the problem will go away on its own. More likely than not, it will only worsen over time. Our technicians will determine the source of the noise and get your system working—and sounding—just as it should. 

Foul-Smelling Odors

If you notice a burning smell or rotten egg smell (possible gas leak) coming from your system, call a professional immediately. Other smells to look out for are musty or moldy smells. Don’t compromise your safety and think that the smell will dissipate over time.

DS Saves the Day With Emergency Service

You can’t always predict a problem with your air conditioner. That’s why DS offers emergency HVAC service all summer long. If you notice any of the telltale signs mentioned above, don’t delay calling a professional. DS provides AC repair in Lancaster, CA, and nearby areas to get your system back on track for summer.

To schedule a consultation or AC repair, call DS Heating & Air at 661.231.8118 or contact us online today.