Cut Cooling Costs This Summer!

Spend That Extra Cash on Fun

Spring maintenance chores are now behind us and summer pleasures are peeking around the corner. For many families, this means outdoor entertaining, picnics, movies, baseball games and vacations. Of course, as with all things in life, the fun stuff is never free. Even a day at the movies these days can cost more than $100 for a family of four. It goes without saying that summer day trips and family outings can really put a strain on your wallet. And as moms and dads, the last thing we want to do is disappoint the kids!

So, what’s a homeowner to do? First of all, you can rely on us! At DS Heating & Air, we understand the importance of summer family time. For this reason, our technicians have compiled a comprehensive list of tips to help you save on your cooling bill this summer—so you can plan big for the kids.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way (to Save)

So, how do we reduce cooling costs so there is more money left in your vacation fund? There are lots of ways! Here are 10:

1. Get your fan on. Turn your ceiling fan blades counterclockwise in the summertime and you will create a lovely cooling breeze. Even using a circulating fan can lower your electric bill by 30 to 40 percent.

2. Be a neat freak. Clean your air conditioning vents regularly. A good cleaning will have your system running more efficiently and will save you money.

3. Choose wisely. Be smart about your cooling system. Choose energy efficient brands so your system runs smoother and your bills remain lower.

4. Go dark. Keep the rays at bay. Close blinds and curtains during the day to trap in the coolness.

5. Do a window check. Be sure your windows are locked and sealed properly so the cool air doesn’t escape through the cracks.

6. Use appliances at night. Use certain appliances (dishwasher, washer, dryer, etc.) in the evenings rather than in the middle of the day. This will prevent your air conditioner from having to work harder to cool during the prime hours.

7. Be a regular customer. It goes without saying that seasonal maintenance will help prolong your cooling system year to year. Call us each spring to schedule your annual tune-up.

8. Block the rays. Purchase UV blocking shades to keep out all light.

9. Cook outside. Got a grill on your patio? Start using it. Rather than heating up that oven, take your food to the grill. Oven use during the summer only makes your air conditioning work harder than necessary.

10. Splurge on a programmable thermostat. This is a big one. Adjust your thermostat by a couple of degrees on hot days — or purchase a programmable one to do it for you—especially at night. People don’t realize that setting your thermostat above 75 degrees on super hot days can help save up to 10 percent in energy!

Thirsty for More Savings?

If the California heat has you looking to gather more cool savings, check out our Home Energy Efficiency Services page. We are always available to schedule a home efficiency service appointment and answer any energy savings questions you might have. Call us today at 661.231.8118!