Devoted to Breathing Happily Ever After?

Invest in a New Air Purifier and Live Like Royalty

Even in the sunny state of California, we tend to spend more time indoors during the first few months of the year. Whether it’s the drop in a few degrees or just the post-holiday need for nesting, we retreat to our homes. That being said, if you’re spending more time inside, you probably want the quality of your indoor air to be the quality of kings and queens.

Did you know that poor indoor air quality contributes to a multitude of illnesses? Considering we spend almost 87 percent of our time inside, we think it’s only normal you’d want to breathe in the cleanest air possible and avoid sickness. At DS Heating & Air, we are your indoor air quality experts and can find your perfect match when it comes to home air filtration systems and indoor air quality products in Lancaster, CA, or throughout the Antelope Valley, CA, area.

Cleaner Air Makes Your Home a Castle

Want the best breathing room in your house? Follow these five tips for better air quality.

  1. Declutter your space. Are you a bit of a pack rat? It might be time to clean out those extra rooms. The more “stuff” you have, the less you have to clean. Less to clean equals fewer dirt traps and dust bunnies around your house.
  2. Be a clean freak. Tie on that apron and get to work! Wiping down surfaces on a regular basis will keep areas free of dust build-up and improve your indoor air quality. Vacuuming is key, too. Run the sweeper daily to prevent pet hair and dust from collecting.
  3. Go fragrance-free. You can eliminate odor by going fragrance-free. Ditch the perfume and the cologne and reach for scent-free cleaners that are environmentally friendly.
  4. Blacklist smokers. Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs; it pollutes your indoor air quality, too. If you have friends who light up, kindly ask them to refrain from smoking inside your home.
  5. Practice good ventilation. Turn on that exhaust hood while cooking and utilize bathroom fans. Open windows when needed to allow for extra air flow.

Adore Your Clean Air, Now and Forever

Wondering how to spend that upcoming tax refund? How about giving yourself the gift of clean air? DS Heating & Air provides installation and replacement of air purifiers in the Lancaster, CA, area and beyond. Call DS Heating & Air at 661.231.8118 or visit us online for all of your heating and air service needs.

DS & You: Just Like a Fairytale

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