Go Stress Free This April

Don’t Get Frazzled by Spring Chores

Spring should be about enjoying the warmer weather and planning vacations— not stressing over your home maintenance chores. Yet, for many homeowners, spring preparation brings on a mountain of stress. There is lawn fertilization, yard cleanup, AC maintenance, filter changing, weeding, etc. It never ends. Which leads us to ask: Does the thought of warmer weather and all it entails cause you angst?

You’re not alone.

After all, April isn’t designated National Stress Awareness Month for nothing! Spring can stress out even the most organized homeowner. Fortunately, at DS Heating & Air, we have stress-free, energy-efficient solutions to ease your anxiety. And while we can’t help with that shoulder massage, we can offer home preparation tips that will leave you stress free today so you’re ready to fully enjoy your summer.

  1. Go ahead, vent. Improve your home’s energy efficiency this season with professional attic venting by DS Heating & Air. California’s summer heat can be scorching and even cause the temperature in your attic to reach 150 degrees! To combat this heat, your heat pump and central air system often work overtime and leave you with a steep energy bill. Call in our experts! We can vent and insulate your attic space so it removes excess heat, reduces moisture buildup, prevents wood rot and reduces roof damage. End result? You’ll save money.
  1. Get some filler. Have you been feeling a slight chill or draft? It could be coming from your windows. Carefully inspect your windowsills and thresholds for areas that might be letting outside air seep in. Then grab that caulk gun and seal those cracks and spaces.
  1. Clean up your act. Every couple of months give your HVAC filters a good cleaning, or simply replace them. New filters aren’t costly and will have your heating and cooling system running smoother.
  1. Say bye-bye to dust bunnies. For as often as you open your refrigerator, you probably never think about cleaning its coils! But you should. The refrigerator coils, which are located on the back of the fridge or across the bottom, can easily get clogged with dirt and dust. When the coils get clogged, they can’t efficiently release heat and will cause your refrigerator to work overtime. This can end up boosting your energy costs. For better efficiency, give those coils a quick vacuuming once a month.
  1. Do an outdoor spot check. Inspect your outdoor air compressor. Make sure to remove all of the debris and growth that may have collected throughout the winter. Rake away old leaves and sticks and cut back weeds that may have overtaken the area.

Still Stressed? We’ve Got More Help

If you’re looking for extra ideas on energy-saving secrets for your home, check out the tips and ideas on our energy-efficiency page. And, remember, we can help with those stress levels by performing your yearly service! We are always available for annual maintenance or home energy-efficiency service calls. If you need heating and cooling service in Lancaster, CA, and surrounding areas, feel free to call our professionals at 661.231.8118.