AC Maintenance Service

A Proactive Way to Safeguard Your System

We can’t understate the importance of AC maintenance. After all, you wouldn’t drive your car for years without having it lubed, tuned up, and checked by a mechanic. Your air conditioner has dozens of moving parts, and its reliable use also depends on regular TLC.

DS Heating & Air provides seasonal and annual AC maintenance for every brand and model. Recommended maintenance helps lengthen your system’s lifespan, keeps it running more efficiently, and reduces the chance of a catastrophic breakdown. Maintaining your air conditioner to manufacturer specifications is also the best way to protect your system’s warranty.

Advantages of Regular AC Maintenance

It is ideal to have your HVAC system serviced twice each year (spring and fall) to coincide with seasonal changes and heavy use. During your semi-annual visit, a licensed technician performs maintenance tasks geared toward:

  • Improving the safety of home comfort equipment.
  • Identifying small issues before they become costly problems.
  • Increasing system efficiency.
  • Decreasing energy bills.
  • Prolonging the useful life of your HVAC system.
  • Reducing carbon emissions.

DS Heating & Air AC Maintenance Programs

There are few things better than relaxing in a cool home during sweltering summer temperatures. With this in mind, DS Heating & Air maintenance programs were designed to safeguard your comfort—and deliver a superior return on investment. Each maintenance plan is tailored to your system, budget, and comfort objectives, and will help to boost the performance of hard-working AC equipment.

To request an estimate for an annual HVAC maintenance plan or inquire about new, high-efficiency systems, call 661.231.8118 now. Our family-owned and operated company provides superior support during every phone call and service call, and you’ll be surprised at the affordability of our comprehensive maintenance programs.