Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling

EPA-Certified Coolant Management

If your air conditioning system was manufactured before 2014, it probably contains R22 refrigerant. This product is being phased out because of its adverse impact on the environment. While it is possible to replace your system’s R22, it is becoming cost prohibitive due to the phase-out. When it is time to replace your air conditioning system, DS Heating & Air is EPA-certified in refrigerant recovery and refrigerant recycling. Using methods that exceed environmental guidelines, we provide safe evacuation and recovery of refrigerant from old equipment.

At DS Heating & Air, we recommend that customers with air conditioning systems older than eight years consider upgrading to high-efficiency systems utilizing R410A: a less toxic, nonflammable coolant. R410A does not deplete the ozone, is more efficient, and saves money on operating costs.

Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Services in Antelope Valley

The professionals at DS Heating & Air use best-practice, EPA-approved techniques to manage your refrigerant leak or refrigerant recovery and recycling. Specializing in the service and repair of Lancaster, CA air conditioning systems, we are trained to perform refrigerant recovery for the following:

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family homes
  • Rental properties
  • Residential rooftop AC units
  • Residential remodels & retrofits

Schedule Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Services

Signs that you may need to replace your old R22 system include refrigerant leaks, constant repairs, reduced efficiency, or age (8+ years). If you require a refrigerant recharge or need to dispose of old refrigerant before replacing your HVAC system, call the certified professionals at DS Heating & Air: 661.231.8118. Our refrigerant management solutions are affordable and safe, and our experienced team keeps your HVAC equipment EPA compliant.