Server Room & Data Center Cooling

Precision HVAC Technology for Lancaster Businesses

Your server room or data center is critical to the successful performance of your business, and electronic equipment is particularly sensitive to changes in climate, humidity levels, and ventilation. Server room HVAC failures can bring productivity to a standstill and result in costly downtime and data losses. The certified commercial HVAC professionals at DS Heating & Air specialize in data center cooling. Responding quickly to restore server rooms to the ideal temperature, we provide the following services to safeguard your technology investment:

  • Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) design-build services
  • Data center cooling for build-outs & retrofits
  • CRAC repairs
  • CRAC maintenance service
  • Energy efficiency assessments
  • Emergency service & generator rental

Factors in Data Center Cooling

Computer room air conditioning (CRAC) performance hinges on several factors, including:

  • Humidity. Data rooms must be properly sealed, and precision humidity levels must be maintained.
  • Airflow. Data center airflow is a delicate balance of eliminating hotspots and optimizing movement of conditioned air.
  • Ambient temperature. Your facility’s temperature, along with heat generated by equipment, directly impacts data center cooling requirements. Our trained team helps you achieve precise temperatures while improving energy efficiency.

Schedule Data Center Cooling Services

Many internal factors can influence data room temperatures, from facility size to server rack configuration. At DS Heating & Air, we protect critical IT servers and keep your servers running at optimal efficiency. In addition, we calculate total cooling requirements with accuracy and precision so you don’t waste precious energy dollars. In some cases, we may also recommend reconfiguring your server space or sealing empty spaces between and underneath cabinets to achieve your energy goals.

To request data room cooler service, speak with a commercial technician, or inquire about a consultation for your facility, call our friendly, NATE-certified team: 661.231.8118.