Furnace Replacement

Your Old Furnace Is Costing You Money

In most American homes, including those in Lancaster, CA, the arrival of winter means firing up the furnace or boiler for heat. These reliable heating sources give 15 to 20 years of trusty service, and most homeowners cringe at the thought of furnace replacement. However, older furnaces operate at only 56 to 65 percent efficiency, which means that at least 1/3 of the fuel used “goes up the chimney” and is wasted. With ever-rising electric and natural gas utility rates, this fuel loss amounts to a lot of money, year after year.

Efficient New Furnaces Mean Dollars in Your Pocket

If your old furnace has been breaking down or is nearing the end of its useful life, it might be time for furnace replacement. A moderate to high-efficiency gas or electric furnace achieves 80 to 98.5 percent efficiency and produces significant operating cost savings. In addition, new gas and electric furnaces protect the environment by reducing emissions up to 50 percent.

Not Ready to Replace Your Older Furnace?

The heating specialists at DS Heating & Air can retrofit some existing furnaces to increase efficiency using components like vent dampers, intermittent ignition switches, programmable thermostats, and upgraded ductwork. Our NATE-certified technicians also provide these heating and cooling services:

  • Furnace maintenance
  • Furnace repair
  • Furnace cleaning
  • High velocity HVAC
  • Heat pump installation
  • Ductless AC maintenance
  • Refrigerant recovery & recycling
  • Seasonal tune-ups
  • Whole system upgrades

Installation & Service of All Leading Brands

When it’s time for furnace replacement, call DS Heating & Air at 661.231.8118. We sell and service furnaces and heat pumps from all leading manufacturers. Our friendly team can evaluate your current heating system and recommend a high-efficiency furnace replacement to match your budget and heating needs. Use this simple online form to request an appointment now or to schedule a consultation to explore upgraded heating options.