Heat Pump Installation

Energy-Efficient Systems for Heating & Cooling

Electric heat pumps are an economical and environmentally friendly way to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps utilize a simple technology that extracts heat from the air, ground, or water in or near your house. The most common type of heat pump installation for Lancaster, CA-area homes is an air source heat pump.

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Environmentally friendly. Heat pumps extract heat from air and move it around by means of refrigerant that circulates in a coil. No fuel is consumed to produce this heat.
  • Economical. Air source heat pumps produce over 1½ times more heat energy than the electricity they use.
  • Adaptable. Some air source heat pump systems do not require ductwork and can be easily retrofitted to older homes or additions.
  • All-season. With air source heat pumps, one unit provides both heating and cooling for Antelope Valley homes.

Heat Pump Installation Services

DS Heating & Air technicians are NATE-certified experts providing these heat pump installation services:

  • Proper unit sizing & design
  • SEER (cooling), HFPF (heating) & air flow analysis
  • Ductwork configuration & installation
  • Mini split heat pump installation
  • High velocity HVAC
  • Air source heat pump maintenance

Professional Heat Pump Installation for Maximum Benefit

A new heat pump system is only as good as its design and installation. Improper sizing, poor ductwork design, and shoddy installation will rob you of a heat pump’s environmental and economic advantages. When you are ready to replace your current AC or heating unit with a new heat pump, call DS Heating & Air at 661.231.8118. Our heat pump installation services are fully licensed, certified, and insured. Customers also love our friendly service, affordable prices, and absolute professionalism. Experience the DS difference today.