Heat Pump Repair

Restoring the Performance of Your Air Source Heat Pump

Heat pumps are the workhorses of home heating and cooling in Antelope Valley. Most of the time, they perform with efficiency and dependability. Like any mechanical system, though, heat pumps can break down unexpectedly. When your heat pump is not performing to expectations, call the heat pump repair experts at DS Heating & Air.

Don’t Ignore Early Warning Signs

Unpleasant odors, whining or clanging noises, or constant running of your system’s fan may be signals that your heat pump is not performing at optimum efficiency. Ignoring these warning signs may result in a breakdown, usually when temperatures are at their hottest or coldest and your heat pump is forced to work overtime.

Seasonal check-ups and regular maintenance help to guard against failure due to wear and tear of fan belts, motors, and filters. As part of DS Heating & Air’s maintenance service agreements, our NATE-certified technicians go through a thorough checklist: cleaning filters, regulating thermostats, and replacing worn parts as needed.

Count on DS Heating & Air for All Your HVAC Service Needs

Building a lasting relationship with our customers is the primary goal of our fully licensed and certified HVAC team. We’re trained and equipped to take care of all repairs, as well as these AC and heating services:

  • Heat pump installation
  • System performance analysis
  • High velocity HVAC
  • Mini split systems
  • Emergency heating repair
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Whole house upgrades
  • Energy audits

Regular Maintenance to Ward Off Expensive Repairs

Avoid costly heat pump repair with a seasonal check-up from DS Heating & Air. Dial 661.231.8118 or fill out the convenient online form to schedule maintenance today. Ask about the advantages of our annual service agreement, which prolongs the life of your heating and cooling system and helps to prevent small problems from making a big impact on your family’s comfort and safety.