High Velocity HVAC

Versatile & Efficient Heating for Antelope Valley

High velocity HVAC is an innovative choice for Antelope Valley home and business owners. This type of system delivers heating and cooling using small diameter flexible ducting that can easily fit between existing wall structures. Coils and air exchangers are sized to fit in attics or crawl spaces, and vents are unobtrusive and available in a variety of finishes.

Advantages of High Velocity HVAC

  • Flexible. Suitable for new home construction, home retrofits & industrial applications.
  • Easily installed. Fits within existing spaces.
  • More even heating & cooling. Uses suction to create a gentle, circulating airflow.
  • Quiet. Muffled & diffused airflow sound.
  • Less humidity. 1/3 less humidity for greater comfort.
  • Energy efficient. Less leakage throughout the system.
  • Saves money. Delivers the same comfort using a downsized condenser and less electricity.

Choose the Best with Unico from DS Heating & Air

Unico small duct, high velocity HVAC systems are state-of-the-art solutions for residential and commercial customers. DS Heating & Air is proud to be the Lancaster, CA factory-certified Unico installer offering these HVAC services:

  • Small duct, high velocity HVAC planning & installation
  • Mini split heat pump maintenance
  • Airflow & SEER calculations
  • Heat pump replacement
  • Heating replacement & installation
  • Furnace cleaning & maintenance
  • Maintenance service agreements
  • Ductless AC installation

Schedule a No-Obligation High Velocity AC Consultation

When replacing or retrofitting your home’s climate control system, it pays to check out every applicable technology. A Unico high velocity HVAC system delivers quiet comfort with lower utility bills. Let a factory-certified technician from DS Heating & Air show you the advantages for your home. Dial 661.231.8118 to schedule a free, on-site consultation, or fill out this brief online form. We’ll be in touch promptly to meet all of your HVAC needs.