September Is the Perfect Time to Hit the Books…

…As You Celebrate National Literacy Month!

Sound the trumpets! September is National Literacy Month—a wonderful time to celebrate the joys of reading and to share your appreciation of books. Pediatricians agree that one of the most important milestones in a child’s growth is the ability to read fluently by the third grade. Parents who read are super role models and often pass along the reading bug to their young children. So, with a whole month dedicated solely to literacy, there is no better time than now to head to your local library and grab a book!

Ready to share your love of reading? Here are six ways you can celebrate National Literacy Month with your family this September.

  • Head to the library. Take the kids and scout out a cozy spot to read to them. Or go solo and volunteer.
  • Participate in or organize a community book drive.
  • Read a bedtime story to a special child in your life.
  • Donate books to a school or local shelter.
  • Thank a reading teacher.
  • Read to a senior at a local retirement home.

Reading Makes You a Better Homeowner!

If your trip to the library includes some self-help books or maybe some how-to home heating and cooling manuals, well, we support that, too! Of course, we know that instructional manuals don’t always provide solutions. Sometimes you need fixing from the experts—especially when you experience home heating issues. At DS Heating & Air, we do our best to prevent heating breakdowns. We’ve done our reading and training on how to stop them before they happen.

Here are our five tips for prepping your heating system before the cooler weather hits:

  1. Change filters. This one is a no-brainer. You should change your air filters each spring and fall. New filters provide cleaner air and extend the life of your HVAC system.
  2. Clear away debris. Be sure your outside unit is free and clear of twigs, leaves, grass clippings and other debris.
  3. Check thermostat settings. If you have a programmable thermostat, now is a good time to evaluate your temperature settings. Adjusting the temperature to a more reasonable setting prevents your system from working harder than it needs to—and saves you money.
  4. Give your house a deep clean. Vacuum, dust, clean your carpets and sweep your hardwood floors. A thorough clean will cut back on the amount of dust and debris that escape into your HVAC system.
  5. Call the experts. There is nothing healthier for your heating system than a service call to your experts each fall. System tune-ups will keep your unit running smoothly and properly for many years.

Book a Service Appointment Today!

If you’re the type of homeowner who likes to do things “by the book,” now would be the ideal time to schedule heating maintenance in Lancaster, CA. Our expert technicians are more than happy to perform fall service on your heating element. After all, a well-functioning heating system leads to cozy fall weekends filled with—What else? Plenty of good books and reading adventures!