Time to Gobble Up Fresh, Clean Air

Refine Your Indoor Air Quality Now

We aren’t quite sure how it happened so quickly, but the time for baking, cooking and mingling has arrived once more. In typical American fashion, November kicks off the season of family. It’s the month we focus on appreciating loved ones, which means countless gatherings and opportunities to entertain guests in your cozy home. With visitors traipsing in and out of your home this month and next month, the question remains: Is your air quality up to par for family members and friends? Time to double-check!

Breathe In, Breathe Out, Breathe Better

As you consider the purity of your IAQ, remember this: Everyone is affected differently by indoor air quality. From kids and the elderly to those with asthma or allergies, everyone has unique reactions to poor indoor air quality. But with all of the chaos that surrounds the holidays, it’s easy to forget about the air you’re breathing in 85 percent of the time. (Yes, we spend 85 percent of our time indoors). After all, who has time to think about all that jazz when you’re busy basting turkeys, setting tables and wrapping gifts?

Not many of us! But don’t worry. At DS Heating & Air, we think about that kind of stuff for you. Here are 13 tips for securing cleaner, fresher indoor air for your household members and guests this season:

  1. Dust your home before guests arrive.
  2. Vacuum your whole house regularly.
  3. Keep your pets groomed.
  4. Check and replace air filters.
  5. Open the windows while cleaning to let in fresh air.
  6. Ask guests to leave their shoes at the front door.
  7. Switch from regular candles to beeswax or soy.
  8. Choose all-natural cleaners.
  9. Purchase an air purifier or air cleaner.
  10. Choose plants that absorb toxins.
  11. Call DS Heating & Air for an indoor air quality test.
  12. Run the air conditioner briefly.
  13. Use an exhaust fan or crack windows when cooking, running the dishwasher or showering.

Invest in Cleaner Air for a Better Future!

We’ve been around the block enough to know that these tips will most definitely improve your indoor air. However, the ultimate method for obtaining cleaner air is to install a whole-house air purifier. These systems help safeguard your health and greatly improve your indoor comfort and indoor living. They work in conjunction with your home’s HVAC system to bring you the best IAQ and indoor living environment possible. Call us today at 661.231.8118 for any questions you may have regarding the installation of a brand new whole-house air purifier. It’s the best way to prove to your family this holiday that you’re not a turkey! In the end, they’ll end up being super thankful about the clean air they’re breathing!